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Good Job Macy


Charlotte is well pleased

Congratulations Owen the intensive course payed off

Ambika Gets the Pass she wanted

Happy Amy first time pass now she is a mum taxi

Happy Busara Showed them how it should be done


Passed first time looks pleased with himself

George Set them on fire with this pass

Nice car Nice Pass

Rico A great first time pass


Alfie Congratulations


Marcin passed first time well done

Just a 15 hour semi intensive course to top up and passed 1st time

well done Charlotte

Sophie looks happy with her pass

One for the boys an intensive course pass 1st time

Linda look pleased can it be she passed the test congratulations

Looking pleased with herself is Tishina. Picking the kids up from school as a surprise

Well done Tina have fun with the monster truck

Georgina fist time pass after her intensive course.

Well done

Nice one Jenny daddy needs to buy that car now

Luke is happy he can now sell the moped and drive to work in the warm

Kristy was pleased with her pass tears of joy

A happy fella Craig

Well Done Nitaya a first time pass with just 1 driving fault

Ani is a success and was well pleased. Dark when we got back so no photo

Congratulations Andy a first time pass

Nice one Charlotte

Owen from Tiptree passed first time and I forgot to take a photo again

Carly passed in the automatic and I forgot to take a photo

Dean will no longer be cold on his 2 wheels

Another first time pass Congratulations Mitch

Jay was a winner well done

Egida was happy looking foward to driving the kids to school

Just 1 minor fault for Ankush Congratulations

Calum was pleased so was I

Calum was pleased so was I

Intensive driving lessons Stuart Tiptree

Stuart was very pleased with himself after his intensive course

Connie Maldon

A well deserved smile from Connie

James Tiptree

Congratulations James drive safe

Nice one George a good pass

driving lessons Jade from Maldon

Jade another first time pass she was happy

Amie was pleased off to purchase a car now

Jade from Tiptree

Jade smiles all round

Happy Joni

Happy Joni

Congratulations Nicola 

Automatic lessons Welldone my first archaeologist to pass his test

Congratulations Ziya

driving test pass Emily passed first time

Great day for Emily well done

First time pass Lewis from Maldon passed first time

Congratulations another first time pass

driving lessons witham Lisa from witham passed in Chelmsford

Fredom at last drive safe

driving lessons tiptree Happy to have passed

Wendy has passed so happy

driving lessons colchster Sophie was Happy with this first time pass

Just 1 minor fault first time pass

Driving school colchester Latha was so pleased

Congratulations First time pass

driving school reviews Aaron 1st time pass


A well deserved Pass

driving lessons colchester Congratulations Jamie

Another first time pass

Driving test pass Congratulations Kara

Another pass so happy

Needs to buy a car now Passed with only 3 driving faults

Well done Steve

Driving lessons Kelvedon Passed first time

Passed Well Pleased

Driving lessons maldon Sean from Maldon passed first time

Passed on the 10th of Jan

Pass driving test Thomas passed but guess who forgot to take a photo

Thomas from Clone Engaine

Mark driving lessons braintree Just pleased as punch

Mark passed to

Just passed Jake passed his test

One happy guy just before Christmas

passed first time pulsar driving school

Some of my other students Who passed first time

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