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Pulsar Driving School Colchester Essex. Can offer you a friendly professional automatic driving lessons. All driving lessons are on a one to one basis; from the pick up and local drop of point of your choice. You can be picked up at work or collage and the lessons ends at home if local.


We provide long-term guidance during the preparation phase and are happy to answer any questions you may have. There's no  need to feel under any pressure, taking away any need to worry before taking your tests. You can also receive information directly from our driving school. We'll be happy to offer you our expert advice!


driving instructor fully qualified approved driving instructor

You may already know that not all Driving Instructors are fully qualified; some have a pink triangle in the window to show that they are learning to teach.
However, I am a fully qualified Driving Instructor. All training is professional and on a one to one basis, specialising in curing test faults, extended test courses for disqualified drivers, refresher courses, and any driving course to suit your needs.
Extra training is available in hazard perception and basic car maintenance (needed for all DSA driving tests.

driving instructor in training The trainee licence






 The trainee licence


Manual vs Automatic Driving Lessons Compared to automatic, manual cars are harder to manoeuvre due to the added complexity of changing gears.  You may require more driving lessons before your driving skills are up to test standard.

If you pass your test in an automatic car, you will receive an automatic licence, which entitles you to drive automatic cars. Should you wish to drive a manual car, you will need to pass another test to obtain a full driving licence.

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