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Prices for Automatic

Maybe you're interested in learning to drive with us but need more information about our prices.


When looking for a Driving Instructor it is important to find out how much Driving lessons in Colchester are. When you book your first driving lesson with us you are not committed to any contract, you chose if you want to continue with the instructor.

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We can offer discounted rates and the lessons given are in no way different from any other driving school both in content and distance covered. We want to get you on the road to success.

Why not give us a try any of the following options are subject to a two hour trail you pay for the first 2 hours (at the standard rate) then if you want to continue your payment is deducted from the option you chose. Pay the balance on the next lesson.

Automatic driving lessons start from £22/hour they are subject to the same discounts that you see below you can contact us for details.

Pricing for driving lessons

Option 1  

Free 17th Birthday lesson plus 3 lessons at half price then the first 10 lessons for £211. That's 14 lessons for £241 Further blocks of ten lessons are £221
Option 2  

First 10 lessons £200 (conditions are you are a new driver student or apprentice aged up to 20) Further blocks of ten lessons are £221
Option 3  
Adult drivers 2 Half price lessons 1st time drivers £12/hour then just £24/hour
Option 4  

Had lessons before FREE assessment drive with no Obligation (this drive is an ½ hour assessment drive followed by a 1hour lesson.)You only pay for 1hour
FIRST 10 lessons for adults £211 / students £201  
2 Half price lessons 1st time drivers £11/hour
                then just £22/hour
  • Referrals offer- if you recommend a friend and they start learning with us we will reward you with a FREE lesson.
  • Q.  What happens if I block book and decide to change instructor?
    A.  All monies paid in advance are held in trust and any remaining      driving lessons refundable. (Guaranteed)

  •   Student price   Adult rate
    1 hour lesson £23 / £24
    1& ½ hour £34 / £36
    Test 2 hrs £46 / £48
    Block booking
    first 10hrs
    £201 / £211
    Block booking
    £211   £225
    Block booking
    first 20hrs
    £402   £425
    Pass plus block
    of 6 hours

Automatic driving lessons from £22

I am often in the car, if I don't answer my mobile the first time you call, I will call back when it is safe to do so.

Please call on

01621 815099 or

07873 263 658



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