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  • Sophie mclean (Wednesday, November 10 21 08:55 pm GMT)

    Steve is a great instructor, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Passed my test first time with 0 faults today all thanks to Steve for teaching me. Teaches the different manoeuvres with such good detail that you can fully understand! Thank you for teaching me.

  • James (Sunday, October 31 21 02:07 pm GMT)

    Before Steve I had 3 different driving instructors. I had terrible experiences with all 3. But once I started with Steve he gave me the knowledge and confidence to pass my test first time. I’m truly great full for what Steve has done for me. If you want to pass and get the best driving experience go with Steve👏🏿

  • Rob (Wednesday, April 28 21 01:04 am BST)

    Steve was Brilliant. I can't thank him enough. He was friendly, helpful and helped me pass with 0 driving faults on my test. He's a lovely guy who takes his time and ensures that you are safe on the road. Highly recommend. Thank you for everything Steve!

  • Katherine (Tuesday, December 08 20 03:47 pm GMT)

    I passed my test today with pulsar and Steve ..I’m over the moon and it was first time too 👏 Steve was very patient and knowledgeable and really knew how to get the right techniques down and made me feel very comfortable and like a good driver . He is a really good instructor. Always responds.Highly recommend brilliant . Thank you Steve

  • Liz (Saturday, January 04 20 10:18 pm GMT)

    I passed my test. I’m so grateful for Steve. He was very patient and helpful throughout. He is an excellent teacher and the best anyone could ask for. He is also easy to contact

  • Chelsey (Sunday, October 13 19 09:26 am BST)

    Steve is a brilliant teacher, really patient and explains everything so well. Would definitely recommend! Passed first time- Thank you Steve!

  • Carrie Bowyer (Friday, May 03 19 07:33 pm BST)

    Steve taught me on an intensive course. He had me pass 1st time after 4 and a half days and I cannot recommend him enough. He kept me calm and confident the whole time. He is very patient and has fantastic ways to help make manouevers much easier to grasp.
    I couldn't have done it without him.
    He is a fantastic instructor.
    I am so greatful, Thank you so much Steve!!

  • Lina (Wednesday, February 20 19 11:11 am GMT)

    Highly recommended driving instructor - very patient, who adapts the teaching strategies to individual needs.Thank you Steve for great lessons - passed the first time. Thank you Steve.

  • Erin Tanner (Thursday, June 28 18 10:30 am BST)

    I couldn’t have passed without Steve. I’ve had other teachers who just make you drive around for 2 hours without doing manoeuvres. Steve tells you exactly what you need to do to improve, what you’re doing well on, and what they do on the test. He’s very patient and calm. Thanks so much Steve.

  • Leah Fox (Tuesday, October 31 17 12:44 pm GMT)

    Steve is a fantastic instructor who kept me calm in those tense moments. He's very reliable and patient and gives honest advice. Thank you so much Steve.

  • Akhil Sabu (Wednesday, September 27 17 12:06 pm BST)

    Steve is an excellent instructor. He understands where you'll need improvements very quickly and plans the lesson accordingly.
    He always gives you credit for doing manoeuvres correctly and is always very clear with teaching.

  • Amy o'dell (Wednesday, September 20 17 07:24 am BST)

    Steve is a excellent instructor, he is calm with you and soon tells you what you did wrong. I felt so relaxed with him too, I recommend him to everyone. Passed 1st time :), thanks again for teaching me how to drive

  • John Collins (Thursday, July 06 17 10:00 am BST)

    Steve is an amazing instructor and it's all thanks to him that I passed my test first time
    He is kind patient and courteous
    You can't go wrong with choosing Pulsar for your lessons

  • George Smallwood (Thursday, June 29 17 01:47 pm BST)

    Steve is a very patient and calm instructor who taught me from scratch in 2 months.I can't recommend him enough,l hadn't tried to drive a car in over 30 years and he got me through so thanks mate you were brilliant...:-))

  • Charlotte (Friday, March 24 17 08:45 pm GMT)

    Steve helped me gain so much confidence with my driving. He is a brilliant teacher and very calm

  • Georgina (Saturday, February 11 17 05:15 pm GMT)

    Steve is a excellent driving instructor, I passed my test first time in 6 weeks. Very highly recommend! Steve is very relaxed, easy going and patient.
    Thank you Steve for all your help!

  • Luke (Saturday, January 28 17 02:14 pm GMT)

    I thouroughly enjoyed my time using Pulsar Driving School. Great atmosphere and amazing support. Steve helped me work on my weaknesses while also helping to improve my strong points at the same time. It was a truly amazing expierience and i can't thank Steve enough for sticking with me and always being patient, calm and having faith in me passing my test.

  • Kristy (Monday, January 23 17 09:40 pm GMT)

    Steve is a fantastic driving instructor, he is very calm, patient and makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Nitaya (Sunday, January 22 17 10:29 pm GMT)

    Steve is an excellent driving instructor. He is very calm and made me feel comfortable. I passed first time thanks to Steve

  • Jennifer (Sunday, January 22 17 09:29 pm GMT)

    Steve was a really accommodating instructor and was really good with nervous learners. I was so happy to be able to pass within six months, he gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed. I can't thank him enough!

  • Craig (Sunday, January 22 17 06:32 pm GMT)

    Steve is patient calm and experienced and gives you alot of confidence..highly recomend him

  • Mrs k Pragnell (Saturday, December 03 16 08:22 pm GMT)

    Thank you so much for getting our daughter through the driving test would recommend you to anyone

  • Ani (Sunday, November 27 16 09:21 pm GMT)

    Steve is an excellent driving instructor. He is very calm and has a lot of patience which made me feel comfortable driving with no stress. This is exactly how a driving instructor needs to be like. I've tried other schools before but I was not happy with any of them. I'm greatful I found Pulsar thanks to many good reviews here. I would highly recommend Pulsar to anyone! 5*

    Thank you Steve!

  • egida (Friday, July 29 16 05:43 pm BST)

    Steve is amazing driving instructor very calm and pasionate he gave me a boost of trust in my self ,he made me to love driving thats a bigest thank you to Steve im very happy that i have chance to
    meet you your very good instructor thank you:)

  • Callum (Tuesday, July 12 16 06:30 am BST)

    Steve really helped me feel comfortable as I was a very nervous driver! His also a very good intructor and would recommend him to anyone

  • James (Sunday, July 10 16 07:39 pm BST)

    Steve is a very good driving instructor, he helped me gain a lot of confidence towards my driving which ultimately resulting in passing my test. He has a lot of patients and helps you at a pace that
    works for you. Steve is also very good at working with people with Aspergers. Steve's prices for lessons are also very good as well.

  • Shirley (Wednesday, December 30 15 04:56 pm GMT)

    My son has just passed his test with Steve, I am extremely proud of him and cannot thank Steve enough. George has Aspergers' and they both did really well. Thanks Steve

  • Nicola Scott (Monday, July 13 15 08:22 pm BST)

    Steve is a brilliant instructor, very cool, calm and collected! Just what I needed! I was a nervous driver (though I hid it well) but Steve managed to get me a pass within 3 months of first driving!
    I would hoghly recommend Pulsar Driving School. Apart from the excellent teaching the lessons are very good value for money!

  • Joni (Thursday, July 09 15 08:29 pm BST)

    Steve is a brilliant instructor he is very friendly, calm and patient. He is very flexible and would pick me up and drop me of to and from my sons playschool when needed so I could get the lessons
    in. His prices are great and he covers everything extensively and makes sure you are happy with everything. I'm am so glad I chose to go with Steve I really enjoyed our lessons. I would highly
    recommend him you won't be let down!

  • Ziya (Saturday, March 21 15 07:50 pm GMT)

    Steve helped me to relax and feel confident with my driving. After trying others he is the best teacher, thank you very much Steve, I recommend him to everyone who wants to pass especially if English
    is your second language like me

  • Mara (Monday, April 28 14 06:55 pm BST)

    Steve is a very flexible and patient instructor, very friendly and every lesson was enjoyable. Always learning new techniques which all majorly contributed to passing my test. Prices are certainly
    reasonable for what you get! Will recommend to anyone who wants an encouraging and instructor, and a reasonably quick pass!

  • Latha (Thursday, April 24 14 10:34 pm BST)

    I am so lucky to have Steve as my driving instructor, I am very grateful to enable me to pass the test on the first attempt which I never thought will happen. Steve is very honest, dedicated and
    accommodating with lessons and the price is cheaper compared to other schools. I am very proud and happy to recommend Steve to anyone who is looking forward to start lessons

  • steve b (Wednesday, March 12 14 08:46 pm GMT)

    Brilliant driving instructor. Thanks to him I passed first time and will be recommending him to friends and would highly advise anyone thinking about learning to drive to use pulsar. Really friendly
    easy to get along with and even put up with my singing. Thanks for everything :-)

  • Nick. H (Tuesday, March 11 14 10:55 am GMT)

    Steve is a friendly and professional driving instructor who was able to help and prepare me to pass first time! Pulsar is the way to go, thanks again Steve!

  • imy measom (Wednesday, March 05 14 10:42 am GMT)

    Brilliant, to pass first time was a surprise wouldnt of been able to do it without steve's helpful ways, would recomed to anyone wanting a good reliable driving instructor, thank you Steve!!

  • Thomas Sandford (Tuesday, March 04 14 09:27 pm GMT)

    Steve was my first and, because of his exceptional teaching, only driving instructor. He knew exactly what my strengths and weaknesses were and gave very useful and clear guidance. I never expected
    to pass first time but with his help I did.

    Thanks Steve!

Maddie - Colchester
Steve was the second teacher I had when learning to drive. I was a very nervous driver and lacked in confidence but with time Steve helped me gain my confidence back. As I work I don't have much free time but Steve was very flexible so it was never a problem to get a lesson that suited me. Steve was a great teacher always stayed calm even though I would get my lefts and rights muddled quite often. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know! My sister starts driving next year and she shall be going with him. 5*.

Sam Roberts

Pulsar is the first and only driving school that I used and would strongly recommend to anyone I know. Steve was a great teacher who offers various teaching methods to suit your needs, and at such a low price (especially with block purchases) i have already recommended him to my brother who is starting to drive shortly. Steve is a very calm and professional instructor who's flexibility with lessons allowed me to find time between college and work. He always turned up on time and to the easiest location for me, making lessons far easy for me.

I would like to thank Steve for helping me to pass first time with only sixth minors and would again like to recommend to anyone who is learning to drive...

Abigail Wackett

Steve is an excellent instructor would highly recommended to anyone he was very calm and understanding. I passed first time which I never thought I would but with Steve's great support he made it happen. Thank you so much. Glad I went with Pulsar..


Steve was a very good teacher and I am very grateful for him getting me through first time. It was very easy to organise and at a good price! I would highly recommend to anyone who's learning to drive!..

I started my lessons in late November 2009 with Stephen. I was very nervous at first being 62 years old but Stephen soon put me at ease.Nothing was to much trouble for him, and when I passed I was a bit sad because he had become a friend to me as well as my instructor. I have so much faith in him,when my grandson wanted to start driving I booked him lessons with Stephen. Once again Stephen thank you for your time and patience...

Laurie Hunter
Steve is a great driving instructor and very patient. He is on time and is flexible in the hours he chooses to work which is better as I could fit driving lessons around college. Pulsar is cheaper than anyone else I looked for to have lessons with, and the block lessons are good to save some money on.
Thank you again for teaching me Steve!

Lydia Colchester 5.0 out of 5
As a very nervous driver I found Steve easy to get along with, calm and encouraging. He didn't make me do anything I didn't want to and we went very much at my own pace. He quickly made me feel like I was capable and helped me find my confidence. Excellent value for money, would recommend him to any friend or family member.


Steve was the second driving instructor I had, with a combination of great knowledge and skill he helped me pass first time. I would recommend anyone looking for a driving instructor to use Steve, as I have already recommended to a number of people including my brother. Steve helped me and I'm sure he can help you too!!!!..

Joe Chambers
Colchester 5.0 out of 5
I would definitely recommend Pulsar for anyone looking for driving lessons. The free lesson on your birthday and great prices especially for block booking is brilliant. I started learning on 29/03/11 and passed my test after just 7 weeks. Steve always turns up on time and is flexible with regards to pick up/drop off locations. Uses a variety of teaching methods, very calm and easy to drive with, and gives a lot of tips with what examiners look for on certain routes etc. 10/10

Luke Kingsford
I started in September with pulsar driving school and have just passed my test in December. Stephen was very good and has tough me very well. i passed my theory and practical test first time due to Stephen being very helpful and teaching me with the best knowledge. would strongly recommend

Dr muz
My experience with Pulsar has been very good. Steve taught me very well. He is very calm and composed, professional and practical person. His teaching methods are very simple and easily reproducible. I am happy to take lessons from him and I have already decided to do the Pass Plus with him...

Adam P Campbell
Steve Taught me to drive over the last few months: Steve and his School are great: He is a methodical teacher and is cool and patient my brother starts with him in a few weeks. I passed second time with 10 Minors: I failed on the first attempt with 5 Minors and a Major: I would recommend PULSAR to anyone 5 Stars:*****..

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